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“HAPPY HERE” by Suzie Vinnick, a CD review by Stanley Fefferman

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Suzie Vinnick’s new album “Happy Here” is a fully pro production of 14 of her songs. The opening tune, the inspirational ‘Believe in Yourself’, is richly arranged for a band of 11 including a string quartet and two singers backing vocals that Suzie delivers in a naturally melodious voice that has matured quite a bit since her 2006 album “33 Stars”.

After that album with only two Suzie originals, I’d hoped she’d develop as a blues singer, especially since she is a good guitar-player. However, she has taken her chance with Nashville, and that’s fine.

“Looking for a Kiss” has Suzie on bass guitar in front backed by Paul Reddick on mouth harp, Michael Johnston on accordion, and the ubiquitous Stephen Fearing who produced the album on acoustic guitar. It’s a bluesy tune with a much repeated title line that aims to keep itself in your mind. Most of her songs now, including the title tune, are built along professionally commercial lines, and are appealing.

I like “My Kind of Loneliness,” a poetic slow waltz that she sings in a kind of naked voice that recalls the mellow brand of hurt love of her older style. Overall, “Happy Here” adds a new note of toughness and hope that Suzie and her band sing out with conviction.