CHAMBERFEST ’07 : by Stanley Fefferman. An Illustrated Diary. Page 1

Saturday, July 21, 8 pm

Angela Hewitt, piano
Daniel Mueller-Schott, cello

J.S. Bach, Gamba Sonata in D major, BWV 1028

The Bach begins “adagio”,
cello leading, piano an echo behind.

Angela’s smile is happy, her style is chirpy,
Daniel’s cello is sober, melodious, flexible.

She too turns serious, preserving a twinkle like starlight on dark waters
Mueller-Schott flows syrupy down to the lovely finale.

Their music is now smiling, cheery with dancing, anticipating pleasure.

Angela’s hands are serious and distinct,
each finger makes itself heard.

Beethoven, Sonata in G minor, opus 5, no. 2

Unison chord strikes, then tones pour arpeggios,
stark, light and dark:
Angela plays the drama,
Daniel etches the heartbreak,
the slow edge of tension where she braids a harmony.

They merge
in a passage with long pauses
where, in slow gradations, moods change,
separate voices fade into the music naturally,
re-emerge perky, shifting pace and mood, race like clouds
towards a horizon of strong surprise.

She is delicate, effortless and nuanced as water;
he is sexy, sliding, caramel rich.
Their blend of colours is intelligent.

Cesar Franck, Sonata in A major

Romantic phrases flowing with sentiment,
as from a couple consuming their doomed union.
She encapsulates his sound
rolling out waves of piano,
unfurling sonic coils in which he winds himself.
Their duo elaborates passion, stormy and ornate,

that quickens, unburdens itself
towards a staccato conclusion
optimistic despite lots of sweet pain

Their story is not Hollywood , or is it?

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