Two New CD Reviews by Stanley Fefferman

A live virtuoso guitar quartet with roots in England, the U.S. Madagascar, Trinidad and Spain, not to mention Canada, is what we have here in this second of a series of live recordings from International Guitar Night’s 2007 tour.

The 15 tracks of original instrumental music showcase the fire of the guitar as well as its feeling in titles like “I Miss My Family”, and “My Tribe”( (D’Gary),or my personal favourite, Brian Gore’s “Swaddle Time Blues”.

Their first album has become a favourite in my family of guitar players. IGN II is highly reccommended starting now. Click here for more details .

This is the fourth album by the remarkable Ron Davis it has been my pleasure to examine and enjoy. “Solo, Duo, Trio,” “Mungle Music,” “Shimmering Rhythm”, and now “Subarashi Live” . The thing about Ron Davis, apart from his awesome virtuosity and excellent taste in music and musical partners, is the range of his musicality.

“Subarashi Live” like the previous albums, has an underlying connection to tradition through Ragtime, Rachmaninoff, and maybe even Rameau. This means beautiful melodies sensitively drawn. Over that rides the free and unfettered spirit of the jazz improviser having every kind of fun but always keeping track. Most of the cuts are compositions by Ron himself and show the inexhaustible variety of his lore. His mostly solo rendition of Hoagy Carmichael’s “The Nearness of You” is so slow it comes across like Chopin, until Sacha Boychuck joins him on clarinet and then it becomes mysterious. Click here to find a shameless plug for Subarashi Live.

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