Michael Holt’s latest CD “WINDOWS”, Reviewed by Stanley Fefferman

Cut to the chase. Holt’s original song, “All the Michaels in the World (except me, are thinking about you)” is one of the best songs you will ever hear. Hear it once, you can’t forget it, the music and lyrics are that tight.

The album opens, intriguingly for me who loves tranquil adagio moods, with his solo piano rendition of a reflective piece by the Russian classical composer Alexander Scriabin (if that means not too much to you, think Satie). From this, he morphs into a full band pop song, and several more, all charming and youthful in a Beatlesy way, and I soon got over the break in the adagio mood. Let’s face it; Michael Holt is a musical charmer.

He played for a long while with the San Francisco band, The Mommyheads, and recorded several albums with them. Around the millennium he moved to Toronto, collaborating and recording with the likes of Ron Sexsmith and Bob Wiseman; the latter is quoted as referring to Holt as a “diamond among rhinestones.” I’d agree with that.

“Windows” is Michael Holt’s third solo album. The songs are smart, intellectually as well as musically. They are also intimate and direct and for the young at heart.

Michael Holt, “WINDOWS”, 11 tracks: michaelholtmusic.com

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