Sony Centre Opens with Cirque Etoile’s iD reviewed by Stanley Fefferman

Friday, October 1. 2010, The Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, Toronto.

iD is energy, “a cauldron of seething excitations.” Yes it is. Contortionists, flippers, poppers and lockers, rollerbladers, trial bikers, aerialists, jugglers and trampowall fliers rocked by the blast of an electronic soundtrack like subatomic particles dressed in their Harajuku best out in an urban space defined by a video collage of grafitti and old movies.

iD is identity, instinct trained to fit into a social matrix, even to go beyond anonymity and become  a somebody by a display of talent, as the characters do in this very loosely updated take on Bernstein’s West Side Story. 

On display here are bodies that jump, climb, and balance as if the space of the stage were not subject to the laws of gravity: bodies that move themselves or throw each other in the air with the ease and precision of balls in the hands of a juggler. The timing and flight-patterns of these quasi-angelic bodies evolve in balletic variations that sometimes go beyond stunt into the realm of art. It’s quite a high.

If you’ve seen iD and you love somebody who hasn’t seen it, get them to go.

iD has five more evening performances at the Sony Centre: Oct 2,7,8,9, and an October 3 matinee.

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