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We enjoy venues where the talking and drinking happen while the music is not happening.

Unmiked concerts are a favourite thing.

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CBC Radio 2 recorded the Schubert concert and we’ve posted it online for streaming at Concerts On Demand. You’ll see that I’ve pointed to your review from that page since I think it adds context and perspective to the concert. I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed and will try to keep an eye out for other reviews of concerts we post so that we can point back to your site again. Continued good luck with showtimemagazine. It’s a great idea. Peter Cook, producer, CBC radio 2

Hi Stanley, I have just visited your website. You have done something very interesting and useful, in providing first-hand accounts of recent events. Bravo! You really pick up where WholeNote leaves off. Allan Pulker, publisher WholeNote

I’ve bookmarked the Showtimemagazine.ca site. Writing about music is notoriously difficult, but I think it is possible, and also necessary. Your frame of reference is refreshingly wide. I think your reviews are really terrific. You have a great ear and you can write! An unbeatable combination.Peter Anson, The Music Gallery

I really enjoyed your review of the PSQ concert. You have a knack for using bull’s eye similes, analogies and metaphors, which always make for exciting reading. Your website is really elegant and very, very useful. Piotr Grella-Mozejko, composer

Stanley, no one matches you for the poetry of your reviews!  This one has given me new insight into these beautiful pieces! Linda Litwack, publicist

What, an interesting idea, to write about the music’s historical context…the image of the floating fairy-tale concert is exquisite Fran Beer, York University

Thanx for the reviews. They are great to read !!!!!!! I would agree the GT was not up to scratch with the modern program. Your review however was very even handed and not unnecessarily unkind. Joyce Miller, judge

What a stunning review! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really appreciate your reviews. They show such sensitivity. I can’t imagine how carefully you must focus to tease out such a complex analysis. Bravo! Leslie Jeanneret, teacher

Wonderful writing, great photography. I was moved to tears reading your words, words of the poets and glimpsing the art. Pat C. Duke, painter

These eloquent reviews make me wish I had heard the music that inspired them. JohnPeter Unrau, poet

What a marvelous website! I enjoyed reading your impressions of the music – it evokes visual images, and there are things i never would have thought of in your views of the music. Alexx Hooper, stage designer

i hope you don’t mind, i linked your review to my website reviews…I just wanted to add a word of thanks- for the very sensitive listening you did, and for the photos (i love your photo of me). Lenka Lichtenberg, singer/songwriter

Stanley, I very much appreciated your thoughtful review of our project, Pashtes. Thank you for taking the time to provide readers with a context for our presentation and choices, thus also guiding them in forming their own impressions. Brian Katz, guitarist-composer

Your writing is gorgeous. feels like I’m there when i read it. Dr. Andrea Fefferman, chiropractor

Fabulous Stanley – you nailed the evening! I am always so impressed with your extensive knowledge of music and composers. Jane Harbury, publicist

Review of the Vermeer Quartet is concise and fluid in its estimations of both the performance and the compositions essayed by the Quartet. You really get in there and write about the Music. In other words, you Say Something, not just Praise Something. David Fujino, Poet.

Thanks Stanley. I love Feltsman’s playing (I have several phenomenal Bach recordings). I’m sorry I missed seeing him live. Glad to have your eyewitness account. Edward Epstein, Curator

A marvelous review of last Friday’s concert.
David Olds, New Music Concerts

That’s a mighty fine piece of writing. May I publish it. Roger Humbert, publisher

Stanley, your reviews are beautifully written. It’s nice to have someone express their feelings about the music in a way with which fellow listeners can identify. Ellen Nichols, Esprit Orchestra Board

I am writing to thank you for your nice review of the International Guitar Night show in Toronto. I was also very impressed with the photo you took of Brian Gore. It is the best one of him I have seen. Herschel Freeman, Publicist

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